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GameFAQs: EarthBound (SNES) Food Guide by Tentomon – In Earthbound, there are over 40 foods, whether it be the great Brain Food Lunch or the practical Hamburger, there is always varitey. With the Condiments, the food is essential in Earthbound, even though you may not have noticed it.

EarthBound/Food — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy… – Food is used to recover HP and PP throughout the game. Different foods will recover different amounts of HP and PP. For maximum effectiveness, use condiments with your food. Note that Poo recovers only 6 HP for every type of food in the game with the exception of Brain Food Lunches which he gets…

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This is a list of recovery items in EarthBound. All food recovery items besides the Brain food lunch will have little effect on Poo. If a condiment is in the character’s inventory, the effect of a restorative item may increase.

See the details about Brain food lunch from EarthBound, including buy price, sell price, help text, who can use it, and more. (id: 27). The Department Store of Fourside. Moonside. Monkey Caves.

The Brain Food Lunch is a food item found in Earthbound. The item recovers about 300 HP and 50 PP when used on Ness, Paula, or Jeff; as it is Eastern food, Poo recovers twice those amounts if he eats it. The Brain Food Lunch is sold in Dalaam’s restaurant for $800.