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Healthy Food Choices: Brain FoodsBrain HealthSmart Drug Smarts – General brain health knowledge unrelated to nutrition or supplements. Neuroscience. Smart Drugs. Chemical supplements aimed at boosting brain performance. Nutrition. How our food choices affect neurochemistry and cognitive function.

Brain Games & Brain Training – Lumosity – Web-based application that uses games to improve cognitive abilities. Provides information about memory, brain health and cognition….

Grain Brain diet by David Perlmutter MD (2013): Brain health food list – Foods to eat liberally in Grain Brain. Go organic and local with your whole-food choices wherever possible. Health benefits claimed in Grain Brain. The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: ADD/ADHD, alcoholism, ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, arthritis…

Brain Foods | Healthy Food Choices – One of the most important things to understand about brain health is how vital fats are to brain function. What surprised me most about the information in this newsletter was how much it jived with my own discoveries and experiences in trying to make healthy food choices.

Brain Health of Seniors Shown to be Affected by Lifetime Food Choices… – Brain health and cognition in our aging parents and grandparents is a big concern to as family members and caregivers of seniors. 6 Healthy Food Choices for Seniors. Fish – rich in omega 3 fatty acids and B12.

We know that food fuels the body, but a healthy diet can also affect mental health. “The brain functions primarily on blood sugar,” says Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo, PhD, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Some good brain food choices include

Brain health foods: High in healthy fats, naturally raised animal proteins, vegetables. Low carbohydrate and low fruit, no processed carbs or sugars….

Taking Charge of Your Brain Health Make Healthy Food Choices The human brain, sometimes called the “3 pound universe within,” is one of your most vital organs. It plays a role in every action and every thought and just like the rest of your body, it needs to be looked after.

THOUGHT FOOD FOR Nutrition matters for brain health Healthy food and lifestyle choices benefit your brain health throughout life. A healthy, well-balanced eating pattern may help sharpen your memory, increase your concentration and improve your mood.

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Your brain is the boss of your body and runs the whole show. Learn more in this article for kids….

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Brain food will help make sure that your brain is properly nourished. Find out about top choices for brain food with help from a natural health enthusiast, avid runner, active blogger and published author in this free video clip.

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Researchers also assumed that the healthiness of a food is typically not factored into food choices until after taste is determined. As a result, people who had less self-control would factor in the health aspect of food at a later time.

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